Seed Cleaning & Disinfecting Facility 5 Tons/Hour

This facility has been added to our product portfolio in 2018 summer, upon the request coming from the customers.  It is used to clean, sort, disinfect wheat, barley, oat, rye, vetch, lentil and similar cereal products. It is a combination of 5 tons/hour capacity selector and 2,5 tons/hour capacity pulses cleaning machine.

With its high cleaning features, low labor cost and minimum energy consumption, this facility is able to satisfy all of our customers, who work in large capacities.

Through its replaceable sifter, the portable type three chamber pre-cleaning machine which is located at the front section of the facility, enables to make precise cleaning of pulses like chickpeas, beans, soybeans, red-green lentils.

MKTS-5000 Seeds Cleaning and Disinfecting Facility

Length Width Height Capacity Weight Motor Power
10 m 4,60 m 3,5 m 5 ton/hour 3.000 kg 13 kW