Selector 5 Tons/Hour (Fixed / Portable)

5 tons/hour capacity selector is used for the cleaning of wheat, barley, oats, rye, lentils, and vetch.

It consists of four units for feeding, cleaning, sorting and disinfecting

It sorts and cleans the foreign seeds and materials in the product on the basis of the aerodynamic and dimensional differences of the grains. After that, the product is classified as weak, medium and as suitable for seed and then optionally disinfectant is sprayed onto the seed.

It has two models fixed and portable. Upon demand both models can be operated either with 380 V or 220 V.

The 5 tons/ hour capacity selector machine is especially suitable for farmers, certified seed producers, Chambers of Agriculture, Agriculture Credit Cooperatives and Beet Cooperatives, who process the products for commercial purposes.

MKS-5000 Fixed Selector

Length Width Height Capacity Weight Motor Power
600 cm 190 cm 422 cm 5 ton/hour 2.670 kg 13 Hp