About Us

High Quality, Satisfied Customer, Continuous Development

As Muzaffer Kağıtcıoğlu Agricultural Machinery Company, we have been producing the selector machines suitable for all kinds of cereals for 70 years. The Machines that we produce have especially become the most preferred brand in the sector with their high cleaning and classification qualities in the processing of wheat, barley, oat, rye, lentil, vetch, corn, rice and chickpea products.

Our Company has proven the importance it gives to the quality with the ISO 9000, TSE, CE, Agricultural Crediting Certificate, Domestic Goods Certificate, Capacity Report and test reports it processes.

Upon request of our customers, in addition to our 1, 2,5 and 5 tons/hour capacity selector machines, a new portable chickpea cleaning and sorting machine was added into our product portfolio.

By our products sold within and outside of Turkey to different regions of the world, we became one of the most important represant of the quality and power of the Turkish goods and industry in the sector. With the awareness of this big responsibility, we are growing and developing more day by day in order to reach to our goals.

We are proud of our professional sales and service team, which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.